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I would ask yourself if you will be able to deal with his fear of bustling/new environments if it doesn't get better, or if it becomes a recurring theme which you must confront anytime there is a change. If yes, good for you, and IMO, it would be worth it to continue trying. If not, I would lean more toward returning him to the shelter prior to the end of the trial period.

While it is entirely possible that his fear of this situation will resolve with conditioning, settling into your home, and hopefully developing greater self confidence as a more mature dog, there is also a good possibility that he may always be "sensitive" to changes/environmental stressors, and sometimes these behaviors can be more pronounced as dogs mature, rather than improving. There's really no way to know for certain where he will fall on the scale of behavior as an adult dog.

It would absolutely be worth contacting the rescue to discuss what you are seeing, and whether they've seen anything similar. If they have, they may already have a working plan for helping him. Factors which might also impact the decision if it were me would be whether he was in a foster or shelter environment (If in a foster, did he go through a similar "settling in" period? Was he "normal" from the start? Better when he left vs when he arrived? How different was the foster environment from your home situation? How long did they have him? If in a shelter, for how long? What was his demeanor in that environment?), how long he has been in the "system" and what changes his behavior has undergone during that time (dogs DO go through "fear periods" as puppies/adolescents, and if he's previously been a happy go lucky, confident pup, that IMO lends to him improving with time), and if any related dogs' (mom? littermates?) temperament is known, how theirs correlates to his (related dogs with similar behavior quirks would make it less likely that this is an acquired behavior, and IME less likely that it will resolve without serious behavioral modification).

If you decide to keep him, I would absolutely contact a positive reinforcement trainer, and get him into some sort of puppy or beginner obedience class ASAP. That will give you and him opportunities to build his confidence, as well as valuable tools to help him cope when he encounters something he's uncertain about.

Good luck! He sounds like a really nice pup, outside of what will hopefully be a few workable problems.
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