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I'm new to the forum and am a proud new pup owner as well. I have a question I'd like to pose for some advice / feedback.

So my girls name is Abbey, she is a 2.5month old Labradoodle, I have now had her home for 1 week and a day. The first week was very stressful for me (and her). I worried about every little thing and to top it off she came with a solid worm problem in which I had to give her a second round of meds, even after her first vet visit. All is well and good in the worm department now (that was some gross stuff lol)

So this will be her second week with us, and I am trying hard to establish a routine for her to get her house trained and comfy. She gets very stressed out when she cannot see anyone. We have given her the front room, laundry room, family room and kitchen access as they are all hard surfaces (hardwood and tile for any accidents) Upstairs is off limits as its all carpet. So I was told by an employee at my local pet store to get her a crate that will fit her full grown, but one that has a divider in it so that as a pup I can section it off so she has just enough room to turn around so she doesnt think the back of her crate is a washroom. At first I had the crate in the laundry room, and was urging her to use the peed pads inbehind the crate as her bathroom area. I tried gating off that room at night and leaving the crate door open for her to freely enter and exit to use the bathroom behind her crate. Except she would go crazy in the middle of the night and poop (even tho it was where I wanted it to be) she would then step all in it and get it everywhere. So still dealing with worms I did not like this as she could have potentially reinfected herself this way. So For the past couple days I put her crate bedding (just a thin memory foam pad) down in the family room (thats where most of the people usually are and put a blanket down in the crate. I then slept on the couch in the family room and she decided to sleep on the floor on the bedding in the same room with me and the nights have vastly improved. I get up with her take her to the pee pads in the laundry room, she does her business then we go back to the family room and go back to sleep. But now her crate has been left useless as its isolated in a room that has little use other then to use the bathroom. So I took the bedding back off the floor from the family room and placed it back in the crate and moved the crate into the family room. I feel this will be much better for her and her crate training. But as I was making the switch she pooped once, then 10 mins later left an even larger, much softer poop that was almost diarrhea like. I think she got freaked out abit, and didnt understand what was happening, stressed out and thats what caused her to poop again. She was in and out of the crate even as I was moving it, and as soon as I got it all setup she went right in and is now currently sleeping.

My question is a) should I worry about the double poop thing? Or do you think it was just a freak out of a change to what she has come to know as her home and b) should I place another blanket or something down on the floor where I had it before I put the crate in the family room. As its hardwood and is difficult for her to grip. When the crate was in the laundry room and the matt was on the floor it was like her play area. Thats where she and I would play with her toys and what not. I want her to sleep at night in the crate but at the same time if she wants to play with her toys outside of the crate I'd like her to feel comfy doing that too?

Sorry for the novel, just new to this and I want to make her as stress free and comfy as I can without overdoing it. If what I have said is confusing in any way then let me know and I will clarify it.

Greg and Abbey
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