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I have a 9 week old puppy who has developedal strange spots on her belly. More keep appearing. Any ideas on what they could be? The are not raised and do not feel rough. Also have never seen her scratching or biting that area.


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probable puppy-pyoderma - See attached pic.

is that her midline, going up & down the photo - dividing it approx in half?

I'm presuming her head is above the pic, & her tail is below, yes? -
IME, it appears to be puppy-pyoderma; has she seen a vet since U got her?
Did the vet mention puppy-pyo / Was this skin condition present, at the time of the appt?

Puppy Pyoderma | Skin Infection in Puppy | petMD

Puppy-pyo is a 1st-Aid issue; use a cotton ball or 2x2 gauze - wipe her tummy where the spots are visible with H2O2
[1st-Aid strength hydrogen peroxide.] POKE A PIN-HOLE in the foil seal of the bottle, just enuf to perforate it, not to touch
the fluid level - limited surface area will keep it fresh; "drip" it out, vs touch the bottle-seal with anything, & possibly contaminate
the mother-lode. U only need to dampen them; they shouldn't drip. Dab or wipe gently, & discard; use another cotton ball /
a fresh gauze pad, & rinse - PAT with plain water, discard; lay a fresh paper-towel on the damp skin, blot it dry gently, discard.
Don't rub the skin - pat, wipe very lightly, or dab. // 2X a day should be sufficient, 8 to 12-hrs apart.

The spots should shrink in # & size after 1 day / 2 treatments; there should be a color change, too - less pink - cooler color.
Small scabs may appear on the larger spots; the skin will heal beneath them, & the scabs will flake off, after the skin is closed & dry. :thumbsup:

If it's not markedly improved in 2-days / 4 treatments, see the vet.
[If she's already *seen* a vet while she had this condition, did the vet remark on it?
Was there a diagnosis, or suggested treatment?]

- terry



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