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Strange red marks on poor itchy dog!

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Hello, I would like to start out with a couple of facts - my dogs are on trifexis, I have used a flea comb on them recently, we just moved from Arizona to sacramento, Ca, only one dog has this issue, we have a vet appointment on Friday -
Zoey has been very itchy for a week or so, we were just at the vet to deal with a rash on her stomach, for which we were given a cream and instructed to give her benadryl, which I have been doing. The cream worked, but these brown scab and dirt things remain. Also, on her hind legs and at the base of her tail, on the underside she now has these red marks, some have what appears to be a white head, while others do not. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance
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Call the vet's office, see if they have a cancellation and you can go in sooner. It is difficult to diagnose something we can't see; and while there are many experienced people here, your vet can make a professional evaluation and propose treatment.
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