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Strange question ab tomato juice

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I made some chili and I have almost an entire container of tomato juice left over. I will never drink it, I don't like vegetable-y drinks. Usually when I have something left over from cooking, I find a way to incorporate it into the dog's meals, so they get lots of different proteins, starches/grains, and veggies that I don't need.

I have no idea if tomato juice is in any way beneficial or good for the dogs. I have never heard of feeding a dog tomatoes... What do you think? I don't want to throw it away but what else am I going to do with it?
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Tomato leaves and stems--and technically tomatoes themselves-- are part of the nightshade family, something thats incredibly toxic to both dogs and humans. You should give the dogs a bit, monitor closely, for a day or two. In theory tomatoes are just as healthy for humans as they are for pets, but like humans there's an elevated chance of allergic reaction.

I'd give it only in small amounts due to the acidity myself. My dog is a garbage hound who's eaten just about everything that wasn't tied down--including chocolate-- so I think they are alot hardier than we give them credit for, but still warrants caution when introducing a new food.
What else is in the juice? Is it just tomato or does it have salt and other things added? While tomatoes are part of the nightshade family (as are eggplants and potatoes and many other common 'veggies') the fruit is not toxic. I guess some dogs could have an allergy to them. My dogs like a treat of tomato. In the summer they like to eat them fresh off the plants from my garden. Many dogs do. You could also freeze what you have left for next time you need it. I do this often, I hate throwing things away.
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