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Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum. Happy to have found it :)
So, upon returning home from the park today, I was inspecting my dogs nails because I’ve been cutting them myself lately as most groomers in my city are closed rn due to the pandemic. I was completely startled to find a large growth seemingly sprouting out of the skin between his Paw-Pads. It was about half an inch long and roughly the same color as his Paw-Pads. Kind rough but also kinda mushy. At first I even thought maybe he stepped in gum but it was def not gum. It even had a few hairs growing out of it. Now I think perhaps they were just growing through it .. anyways it must have been there for a while but only recently gotten to be the size it was. I honestly did not notice it prior today - perhaps cause it was the same color as his pads.
Anyways i immediately gave his paws a long soak in the tub with warm water and some anti fungal shampoo. And low and behold, I was able to gently Pull and crumble the entire thing off. There was no soar or cut or wound underneath at its base (where it is once grown from ?) so I’m just really confused at this point, as to what it was.

Here’s some Ted info.
He’s a two year old mixed breed - half McNab and half mystery ... maybe GSP, Maybe some lab, maybe some site hound - not sure.

He’s very active. Loves to play ball. A couple months Ago when it was too dark to play in the park (coyote) I plaid fetch w him on the tennis courts and noticed afterwards his paw pads were raw and bleeding and of course did not do that again... but after doing some research, I’ve read that occasionally trauma to the paw pads can sometimes activate the skin to do strange things ? Like grow a Cutaneous Horn or hyperkeratosis ?

Any suggestions as to what this could have been? I’m bringing him to the vet on Saturday - he happened to have an appointment scheduled anyways ... but just thought maybe if someone has experienced this, it would be great to get some feedback.
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