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Hello everyone!
I have a weird issue. My dog is 6 yrs old and she used to potty in the back yard with no problem. Peepee and poopoo with no issues. After the big rain three days ago she refuses to even put a Step on it. She smells it and goes away. However when I open the front door of the house she does her business with no issues
It’s like suddenly the mulch is an issue. I thought was maybe a smell so I hose all the area. And still won’t go.
the front door I don’t go often because of security issues especially at night. Why suddenly she refuses to do her business? I thought even may be something on her paws but nothing. She is willing to hold it hours before even trying to pee out. I just don’t want her to have an accident in the house so I gave in and go front door and she does her business immediately 😭😭😩😩. Anyone? Much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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