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Staffy x unknown breed

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Hey Guys!!!!

I recently adopted my 9month old mixed staffy from RSPCA, the documents say she is mixed and I think she is too, however, I’m not too sure what shes mixed with. I was hoping someone may have an idea or a suggestion :)

She is extremely active, energetic, affectionate, cheeky and leaps very high. I think she may be a staffy x working dog such as a kelpie, border collie, etc but I’m not too sure. She is also medium height and quite slim

Although, I’m leaning towards kelpie but I wanna know what you guys think!
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It's a good guess that it's a staffy mix. I get this from the eyes the ears and the brindle coat. She may fill out a little more but she's too slight to be a full bread. If I had to guess (and I obviously do) then I would say that she could be mixed with a lab. In the picture is a cross between a staffy and a wippet (of all things). Maybe that will give you some ideas for further research.

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