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Hello. A few weeks ago, my family and I took a vacation to Colombia. We left our two dogs, a poodle and Yorkie mix, father and son, with a friend. Upon our return, we discovered spots on our dogs? tail. Randy, the father, had and still has bald spots on his butt, but it doesn?t seem to irritate him. However, with Max, they had calmed down for some time. But now it seems that they got worse. He is obsessively licking his wound, which in Max?s case, is on his tail, and doesn?t want to spend time with us anymore. When we came back from Colombia, his tail was WRAPPED in knots. It?s like it was some kind of hot dog of knots. Yesterday, we shaved his tail
so we could have a better look at the issue. And it wasn?t easy either. He screams in pain if we get anywhere near his tail. Firstly, the knots didn?t even seem to be attached to his tail. The hair wrap had a small gap between the surface of his tail and the mass of hair. Upon cutting it, there seemed to be some kind of powder in the hair and it smelled like his eye boogers. He has two very big wounds on him, of which I am attaching pictures, as well as of Randy?s bald spot. We have given him some pain medicine and applied Neosporin to his wounds. A current hypothesis is that maybe he scooted (scat?) so much to relieve some kind of itch in his tail that he opened it up inadvertently and now has an open wound. Can someone please give me a proper course of action? Thank you so much. Randy is black and white and Max is completely black with some beige highlights. Small dogs.
EDIT: on my phone, the pictures don?t seem to be of very good quality. If you would like a Better image, I can email them to you.


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