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Sporting-ish mutt, breed guesses welcomed!

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Hey everyone,
I posted pics of Julie when she was 3 months, but now she is almost 1 year old. Looking for guesses from experts and enthusiasts on her breed!
She is sensitive, loving, playful, energetic, and always weighing the pros and cons of our commands. She likes to carry things in her mouth and chews wood like she is a beaver. Her tail wags in circles as much as back and forth. Her coat is the silkiest and softest I have ever felt on a dog. She has webbed feet.
Cheers and Thank you!


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Maybe a golden retriever x lab mix. Or lab x English springer spaniel. She is very pretty, how much does she weight? Her face reminds me of a golden that lives behind me, very sweet dog.
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She looks very similar to my lab/springer mix especially those soulful brown eyes. My boy promo is smaller though at 55 pounds but his mom wasn't very big. Her personality is identical to my boy's :) Most wonderful dog I've ever had.
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He is very sweet! And so similar looking.

I've wondered about Springer Spaniel before as well. My husband thinks she is mixed with a Golden Retriever. I have also wondered if maybe she is mixed with some kind of setter or pointer. Because even though she looks very lab-ish she is definitely not all lab! Then there is the weird fact that her mom's ears (saw a picture at the pound where we adopted her) stuck straight up, like a GSD.

We were given a gift recently where we sent her DNA away for testing. I will take the results with a grain of salt...but I still need to place my bet before we open the envelope :D
Looks like a flat coated retriever mix of some kind.
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Golden retriever mix. Most golden mixes end up black (the yellow color is recessive and hiding a dominant black). Possibly mixed with lab? I don't see spaniel personally. The head and ears are very retriever-y.
Looks like a flat coated retriever mix of some kind.
This is what I was thinking, as well.

You have a very pretty dog!
Black lab/golden mix. Flat coated retrievers are not common so I have my doubts although never say never. Beautiful dog either way!
I agree on Golden/Black Lab mix. Flat coats are not only rare but have a narrower skull and snout.
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