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This is a reminder to please abide by the forum rules, specifically: be nice.
We want to keep this as a friendly and welcoming place. If you receive advice that you don't necessarily agree with, just say 'thank you' and move on. You are not obligated to follow the advice.
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Specific to the OP... dogs do not operate out of spite. I agree with whoever said the dog may be looking for attention. I suggest cleaning the area extremely well with some of the cleaning product that were already suggested and starting over with house training. At least it's a starting point. Another option is to find a positive behaviorist in your area and work with them.
Wow - clearly you are directing that at me and insinuating I am being rude and everyone else should be free to judge, attack, and insult. Kind of hypocritical as you give a warning to "be nice". You should heed your own warning. I am here for advice and most people are just judging me and attacking me without completely understanding the situation. Telling me I am punishing the dog out of spite over and over, is not being nice. That is very insulting and personal, and I would never want to harm my dogs well-being. It was simply a trial with the sole intent to see if he would understand. It didn't work and it stopped.

You are attacking and insulting as well. Apparently advice is a one way stream that cannot be questioned and broken down. I appreciate the time everyone has put into contributing to attempt to support, but it doesn't always mean they have the complete solution for my situation and they are taking it personally. I did not attack anyone.

It seems using the word spiteful triggers a lot of sensitivity and harsh emotions, including you. That's fine if you feel that way, but why don't you cite some scientific proof. I want to believe it and I believed it as well until I saw this dog. Just like humans, not all dogs are the same. They can detect emotions and they can act on them. It is not the degree of spite that humans are capable of, because I do believe as well they do not possess that degree of malice.

Through the discussion I have determined we need to provide as much attention and affection and take the dog for long walks, trying to make him feel as welcome and equal. We will see how that goes.

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I've moved this post in the "Talk to the Team" section. This can only be seen by you and the moderators of this site.

I was not directing my warning at you specifically. I was posting a general rule reminder to everyone who was posting. These threads can (and do) get out of hand quickly.

I'm not sure why the links didn't work but they are always available for you to view in the subforum labeled "DogForum Community Rules".
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