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Hi All,

I've been absent from the forum a while (summer is a busy time!) but am back looking for advice. My 1.5 year old rescue has begun exhibiting spay incontinence. It's very mild -- a few drops here and there, larger puddles after particularly deep sleeps (after particularly intensive exercise days). She only leaks while sleeping, no dripping when awake. It's not EVERY sleep she drips/leaks, but I'd say about 1 in 3 days she has at least one small accident.

I feel for the poor girl as she's constantly cleaning herself and seems to be nervous meeting/being around strange dogs since it started (especially intact male dogs).

I left a message with the vet and he recommended putting her on Propalin (Proin equivalent here in Europe). Here are the concerns I want to address with him:
1. She's only 1.5, I don't want her on a synthetic drug for her entire life if at all avoidable, especially given how mild her incontinence is.
2. She's a quite nervous/anxious dog and a side effect with Proin is more nervousness
3. Cost -- I read online that it can cost nearly €1000 a year to treat (she's only 50 lbs) with Proin. We can afford it, but I don't WANT to pay that much, especially for a drug I don't really want her on.

Here are some "homeopathic" solutions I'm considering trying:
- Flaxseed
- Cornsilk
- Parsley
- Vetriscience Bladder Strength
- Homeopet Leaks No More

Here are my questions:
- Does anyone have success with lower dosages or intermittent use of Proin so that I don't have to keep her on it long term at high dosage?
- Does anyone have any success with "all natural" remedies?
- Has anyone else observed dog-shyness with incontinence? She's usually GREAT with dogs and nervous of people and now she seems really shy and nervous of other dogs :(
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