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a German aquarium hobbyist told Dr. Lyko he bought a species labeled 'Texas crayfish' in 1995.
"The hobbyist - whom Dr. Lyko declined to identify - was struck by [their] large size... & enormous batches of eggs. A single marbled crayfish can produce hundreds of eggs at a time.
Soon [he] was giving away the crayfish to his friends... not long afterward, "marmorkrebs" were showing up in pet stores in Germany & beyond."

the actual species origin is from a wild crawfish native only to a single river in Florida - the mutant form has 3 sex chromosomes, is reproductively sterile, & very hard to kill.

Wild popns are now in Czech, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Hungary, & Croatia. They can WALK hundreds of meters to new waters - & spread like wildfire, because all are F, & all are insanely fertile.
Native species are in trouble - these crawfish can reach crazy popn-densities, & will eat practically any other animal, alive or dead.

If all the "hobbyists" who ran out of aquarium space for their platy pets had BOILED & EATEN the surplus, rather than dump them in the nearest stream or pond, we wouldn't have a burgeoning invasive-alien spreading around the globe. :yell: :rulez: :bashself:

- terry

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