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Something creepy coming out of my dog

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For the past year there has been something suspect coming out with my dogs stools. The vets have not been able to identify whatever it is.

It basically looks like the stools are sprinkled with a fine granule. Its very tiny but it is all OVER and IN the stools. It shows up about 3/4ths of the time. The only time it seemed to be absent for a period was during a prazi treatment and about 3 days after. But it came back long before a TW could have fully regenerated. On the 4th day after the treatment, it was back.

At first I thought maybe whipworm egg packets but its in the stool and not just on the outside. I have tried to take photos but they have not turned out well. I did look at them at 25X but not strong enough to distinguish anything.

She has had GI issues off and on for the past year and recently a GI bleed and I would sure like to know if these tiny little bumps in the stools have contributed to that.

Thanks so much
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Google searching brings up some interesting information on parasites and lupus...
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