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I have shared elsewhere here that our almost-aging (8.5 years, as it turns out; I was mistaken) Sheltie has difficulty getting up off his hindquarters. I was concerned about Dysplasia, chronic Kidney Failure and, of course, arthritis, which it seemed most vets thought he had. We had had trouble getting in to see "our" vet and felt that the "other" vet (or assistant or whatever) didn't seem to be paying much attention, even mixed up his blood tests and failed to take responsibility. That's the background. We saw "our" vet today, the one who did his "new puppy" exam, which is why she was able to point out that he wasn't quite as old as we thought he was.

ANYWAY: this vet, again, did not seem to see the reason to do blood tests. She said he is about ten pounds overweight, delivered a lecture about that, and prescribed Meloxicam. Frankly, I have doubts about this. I too have severe arthritis, and NSAIDS are very toxic to me. He has been taking tramadol, as I do too, and it seems fairly safe and helpful--to both of us! :) We are to go back in two weeks from now to get blood tests, presumably to see if the Meloxicam is doing any damage.

We had both our Shelties down to a very svelte weight for quite awhile, but I suppose getting a puppy (the Westie you see here) wasn't helpful in that way, because although he keeps them active, he got lots of treats during the training period, and it didn't seem fair--particularly since there was some jealousy--not to give them treats, although we did break them in half. Anyway, we can work on that end of it, but my question is: what can you tell me about Meloxicam? We're already giving him Omega 3s, the usual joint supplements (glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM), and green-lipped mussel--and Tramadol. He's been on all those for quite awhile.

So: Meloxicam? Is it worth the danger, at his age? IS it dangerous?

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