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As some people on here may know ever since we got Asha 2 years ago at 4-5 months she has always had a fear of men. When we had male guests over she would excessively bark at them from a distance (this was not a guarding behaviour, it was purely fear based.) and if they moved towards her she would move away and continue barking until she realised they weren't there to hurt her or we placed her in another room with one of five of us to calm her down.

We started getting guests to ignore her and sit in the lounge and if she quieted down and approached them, they could offer her treats or in other cases where the guest was a trades person she would get a bone or something to chew on away from them.

Well today we had a male family member Asha has never met over, not a single bark out of her, no fearful behaviour, she was wagging and even let him immediately pat her.

Later on we had another male come to buy some things off a garage sale site from me, he came inside, no barking, no fearful behaviour.

We're going to continue with treats and good experiences with strange males. I'm just really happy for her because she actually really loves people and getting cuddles, her fear was just getting in the way of it.
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