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This morning I woke up and noticed that my dog's left side of her snout was a swollen, it was perfectly fine the day before. Today is Saturday and on Wednesday she got her face into an ant hill because she sniffed out a dead rat in there, I quickly removed it out of her mouth and made sure to wipe off any ants on her face. I'm not sure if that could be the cause of the issue since it took like 3 days for the swelling to show, you would think it would happen the day after, right? Now, I ask here for advice first rather than going to the vet first because there's only one vet near me and the first and last time I took her due to some sores/scab/bald spots that she was getting on her body, and they honestly were no help at all, they didn't recommend anything to solve issue since "they seemed to be healing up on their own" even though I told them that yes, some go away but more come up, and still charged me $130. I had to find a solution on my own online (Bathing her with antiparasitic/antiseborrheic shampoo worked). She's a Lab Pit mix, almost 11 months old. If I missed any details or info please let me know. Thanks for the help in advanced.
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