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Sky Foundation organizes a fundraiser to buy food and medicines for animals (160 dogs, 210 cats, 8 horses and a donkey) in its own shelter. Besides shelter animals, Sky Foundation also deals with stray animals from surrounding areas every day waiting on the roadside for us to feed them. It is one of the few shelters in Europe where dogs are not locked in stalls, but are free, have the opportunity to socialize with each other, to play, to run and even to walk on the field around the shelter. Lately the Foundation has been experiencing financial difficulties making it impossible for us to supply food and and mke medical bill payments to vet practices with which we collaborate. Those who want to help can find more information on the website Fundatia SKY - Pentru o viata mai buna! and also find the Foundation's account details or email address where donations can be made online. Every euro counts, so any amount however small it may be, can help enormously because 1 euro = 1 kg of croquettes. Thank you for joining us in this campaign

Sky Foundation
Site: Fundatia SKY - Pentru o viata mai buna!
Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +40749501879


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