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I'll be taking Skipper to watch an all-day AKC agility trial tomorrow! It will be his first time going to such an event. I'm bringing his stroller which doubles as his soft/transportable crate and aside from potty breaks I'll probably be keeping him in that the majority of the time since it's his "safe spot". But I can unzip the front so he gets a full experience.

It's a bit of a drive but he's never had trouble before so I'm not thinking it will be a problem.

It's also my first time going to a trial of this size in probably 8 years. I've forgotten a lot. Is there anything that I, as a spectator, should know (besides keeping distance from all the competing dogs and their people)?

I'm excited both for the exposure for Skipper (hopefully he'll get into it!) and the enjoyment of watching the trial myself.

It's an opportunity for Skip and I to spend some "special" time together with just the two of us, which we haven't done in a while.

Pics will follow!
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