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Skin rash help before vet appointment

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Hello new friends
I have tried to attach some pictures of my dogs skin rash.

Background: we adopted her in May. She came to us with the worst case of heartworm my vet has ever seen in her 25 year career. She has been on a prednisone regimen since. She finally finished her treatments and has been weaned off pred. Since being weaned off this rash appeared first on her inner elbow, and now pretty much all over.

She has an appointment next Thursday at noon and I have sent these pictures to her vet. As of yet her vet has not responded.
This rash is itchy. She is chewing herself and scratching until she bleeds.
What can I do in the meantime?


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Oh poor baby! :( Heartworm and now a rash. :( I would see if you can put a t-shirt on her to prevent her from getting at skin and irritating it anymore than it already is. I hope she starts to feel better soon!
Another pic

He is one of her foot. All of her feet have matching, but not as bad, rashes.

And thank you for the shirt idea! That would protect her belly and elbows.


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