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I have had dogs all my life. I have had dachshunds most of my life. Currently I have six dachshunds (well five dachshunds and one ****zu mix but we don't tell him he's not a dachshund). They are all rescues with no history except two who we got when they were 5 weeks old. This is the order we got them in and approximate ages:

Chad and Joe -- 14 years old. (Rescued when they were 5 weeks)
Lacy -- 9 years old (approx) (Rescued in 2006 -- about 1 year old)
Oliver -- 7 years old (approx) (Rescued in 2008 -- about 1 year old)
Katy -- 9 years old (approx) (Rescued in 2013 -- about 8 years old)
Willy -- 2 years old (approx) (Rescued about 6 months ago)

Oliver is the ****zu mix.

Chad and Joe have both been paralyzed (Chad twice) and are mobile.

Chad has residual paralysis in his left hind leg and problems with pooping. He eats a lot of dirt so his poop is solid but crumbly. He tries to make it outside but he kind of projectile poops. I know his poop so I know he poops in the house every day, most days twice a day.

Joe's back is stiff so he doesn't really "stand" anymore. You can see it is difficult for him at times. He regularly goes outside. He gets up in the middle of the night and I hear him go out and come back in.

Lacy was found wandering. She is a nervous/excitement pee-er. When females visit and talk in high pitch tones, we are guaranteed a Lake Lacy -- not a tinkle but a full on bladder release. She prefers to remain inside most of the day but also uses the doggy door.

Oliver tried to die under my husband's truck -- literally. Poor baby had given up. You could see it in his eyes. He was a mess -- horrible mange (no hair except a poofball on his rear), abused, neglected, emaciated (weighed 7 lbs -- weighs a healthy 20lbs now) and heartworm positive. Medically, we got him fixed up within a year including neutered. Mentally it took a couple more. He was OK with us but strangers not so much. He's overt and friendly to most now. He's an occasional hiker -- I've caught him in the act and reprimanded him. (My reprimands are a stern look, growling NO! and a wagging finger). He goes in and out all day too.

Katy was also found wandering. She took to the doggy door right away. She is a weird one, I gotta say, but incredible intelligent. Once you get past the fact that she growls to communicate, everything's good. It took me a week to realize that when she pee's, she would squat, squat, squat but only about a quarter size puddle would come out. Immediate trip to the vet revealed a golf ball size stone in her bladder. Surgery took care of that and she was a whole new dog. She is a huntress so she spends a lot of time outside.

Willy was found wandering and brought to me because my neighbors know I have a lot of dachshunds and they thought he was one of mine. what can I say, I feel head over heels for him. He's young and, at the moment, intact. It took him a minute or two to get the doggy door concept but he did.

They have a doggy door and a huge backyard. They all know it's there and they all use it. I am home all day and have been for a few years. They have been doing their business in the house since we got Willy. As I stated, Chad has had a problem pooping in the house for the past six years because of the paralysis but he goes outside to pee. There is not much to do about it because it is not his fault. Joe has always, ALWAYS gone outside, even in the middle of the night. Oliver get a random wild hair up his butt and hikes on stuff and then he's fine for awhile. Lacy has been known to leave a lake when I am away from the house. Katy spends most of her day outside hunting squirrels (unfortunately she's good at it). I don't think I have ever caught her peeing in the house. Willy's habits are unknown right now. I have not caught him peeing or pooping in the house.

Oh! One more bit of info: Lacy has separation anxiety. She has since I found her. She waits and softly cries at the door when I leave (or, when my husband is home, if he leaves). That is when she leaves lakes for us. The lakes are usually in the short hall in front of our bedroom door. Willy also has separation anxiety, like serious. He howls and wails and eats the house. he has peeled the kitchen floor up, he has broke off the sheet rock around the doors and windows, he has destroyed my potted plants and dug up the containers and destroyed a fortune worth of dog beds. Katy has a little as well because she has chewed up sheetrock around the doors and windows too (caught her).

Wait! There's more ... I am home most of the time but recently I have been doing some contract work outside the house. I will only work 10 -3, Mon - Thurs. I worked about 3 weeks the first contract and was home for a few months before getting another contract for about 6 weeks. It was in this period that they really started annihilating the house with pee and poop. In response to the excrements and the destruction of my house, I bought a gate for the kitchen entry. Their doggy door is in the kitchen. Now when I leave, they are contained to the kitchen and outside.


I get up every day to at least 7 piles of poop (2 are Chad's for sure and always in the same places) and a ridiculous amount of puddles. The girls are not doing the puddles because they are "hiked" puddles. The hikings are on the furniture and on the poop piles.

I know for certain that the pack may not be pleased about Willy and the fact that he is still intact (will be fixed soon) may be part of it. But they did not start this until I started leaving the house more often. Then it was primarily during the day and now they are doing this in the early morning hours as well. Not only that, but when I clean the whole mess up (EVERY DAY!!!), they will wait until I am out of the room and do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pack is well vetted and cared for so I am certain medical issues are not behind this. Also,
when we were having a nighttime problem a few years back (w/Chad, Joe, Lacey and Oliver), we set up surveillance video cameras focused on the areas of activity. Just a simple setup with night vision. THEY CHANGED THEIR SPOTS! We never caught them!!! They still did it inside but outside the view of the camera. And then, just like that!, they went back to doing their business outside.

What's happening now is out of control. They are saturating the house on a daily basis and the piles are like land mines. There are six of them so, other than Chad's piles, I have no idea who is doing what. Any ideas? Thoughts?

PS: I love them like mad but they are driving me batty!!!
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