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Here's something to keep in mind. A dog is not a tool...but it's not a child either. It's okay to not spend every minute of your day totally focused on your pup the way you'd have to spend every minute of your day focused on a newborn baby.

Unfortunately, it has been proven time and time again that a puppy left to his own devices can survive and grow up as a street dog. Of course I am not saying throw your puppy out on the street, I'm trying to point out that puppies are more developed, self sufficient, and independent than we often give them credit for. Yes, they thrive with our attention. That's why we don't just chain them in the back yard. But we don't have to go overboard with them. Yes, they develop best when we take them out and socialize them with other animals and a wide variety of people, but we don't have to devote every waking minute to that....a couple hours twice a week socializing IMHO is plenty.

Take it in stride. Worry less about making a slip-up that will prevent you from raising the 'perfect puppy' and instead enjoy the moments for what they are...and then crate the little bugger and cook a nice dinner, do the laundry, or go shopping for a couple hours.
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