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I have a 1 year old male basset hound (fixed) who has recently started having to stay home by himself while I work. I previously would come home from work at lunch or take him to stay at my dad's house while I worked. Now I have moved further away from my work and cannot come home at lunch, and my dad just got a new puppy so is unable to take care of my dog during the day. I tried doggy daycare, but he was rejected as they stated he was scared around other dogs and hid in the corner the whole time. I recently also looked into getting a dog walker, but have not found one. I am now reconsidering that as my dog likes to play bite and I don't want to have someone come to my house and get hurt by him. I don't have any friends who can watch him or stop by during the day at all and I work 9-5 monday through friday. I wake up early to spend time with him in the morning and take him on a walk and play with him, feed him with puzzle toys, give him bones, walk him again at night for 30-40 minutes, and play with him again. I also recently started trying out CBD with him. I also leave the blinds open for him to watch outside, put on TV for him, and have a dog cam with treat distributer so he might be able to have some entertainment. But, he still has so much energy and is becoming destructive around the house. Please I would really appreciate some advice with what to do to prevent both me and my dog from going crazy.
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