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We have a new family that moved into the house that is just behind my
house. They have a nice privacy fence but they also have four dogs. My
kids make a bee line for that corner of the yard and get their sox all
dirty in my hedge row. So Saturday I erected another 50' of fencing
on that side of the yard as a barrier to keep them out of the dirt.
Kadin is ususally a very good boy but Sunday morning he decided he
wanted to get those dogs so he skinnyed himself between the post and
the vinyl fence and got behind the fencing. I was right there to make
him get out but he had already made his white sox brown! So now I'll
have to think up something to keep him from getting between those two
fence posts. There is only about 2 inches of room but the vinyl fence
will give just enough for him to get through there. Maybe I can place
another post there just to keep him out... What a scamp.

As things stand right now I will be getting another foster on Tuesday
or Wednesday. Things change every day so I don't know for sure he's
coming. He's quite a handfull from what I understand. He's two years
old and lived in a crate. He was terrorized by children while crated
(where are the parents???) with squeaky toys and goes ballistic when
ever he hears one bareing teeth and snapping. So I have to remove all
the toys that squeak in this house before he gets here. I'm afraid
I'll have my hands full with this one. He has to be muzzled before he
can be groomed, he is a fence attacker and will most likely not have
any manners. I'm concerned about how Lacey-Lou will do with him. Maybe
I'll have to separate them for the whole time he's here... Thank the
Good Lord I have muzzles here!

Oh the joys of rescue. One never knows what to expect with these dogs.
Lets all pray that he'll find comfort here and turn around. We all
know what the inevitable outcome will be if we can't straighten him

So sad.. Sometimes people make me sick!!


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Good luck Judy with the new foster....did you get him yet?
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