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Just some pictures of the crew. Basil and Coraline are growing like weeeeeds.

Recently took everyone to San Diego and Cora and Basil got to experience the Beach for the first time! Cora loved it - Basil not so much. He loves the pool and water in general but apparently it is not allowed to move!

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Beautiful dogs! Has your daughter started confirmation classes with Basil yet?
Not until next month. Living in Arizona means that nothing really happens until it cools down! We did find a local kennel club that seems to fit well and we have joined that and begun to go to their monthly meetings!

Even though it is October we are still having days where it is 100+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually it has cooled off by now! it's been crazy. We did go up to the cooler north and attend a Junior handling workshop a few weeks ago and we've also gone up north to watch a couple of lure coursing trials!
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Oh I totally forgot about the wonderful Arizona heat. Ours is starting to break a little bit (sometimes we are lucky and there is a wet sticky breeze).
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