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We have a 4 yr old Golden Retriever (male) and he is fixed.

For the past 2 months we've noticed he had balding spots on either spot of his hips.. almost right where his kidneys would be - they are in the exact same spot, and now completely bald and his skin almost looks purple-ish.

Also, he has really slowed down, and even just within the past couple of days he has completely stopped going for his walks. He has no energy what so ever, but he is eating full meals and keeping them down, and going to the bathroom regularly and normally.

My mom thought for sure it was his thyriod but the vet called today and his blood work checked out normal for that. The vet has no idea, and we were really almost counting on it being a thyriod problem (since he does have all similar/same symptoms)

We have no idea what is wrong with him, he doesnt seem to be in any pain ... but does anyone have any ideas??? Any advice would be great .. thanks!
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