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Actually, symmetrical hair loss like this is a classical sign for hypothyroidism. Not all dogs with hypothyroidism have the hair loss, but when we see it it is the first thing that we think of.

The other symptoms you mentioned combined with the fact that he is a Golden Retriever sure make this sound like hypothyroidism! I would agree with Christine and would suggest that you ask your vet if they ran a full thyroid profile or just a T4 level. There are some hypothyroid dogs that can have a normal T4, but there are other clues on the rest of the profile.

If it definitely isn't thyroid disease then the skin problems could be something called flank alopecia. It's more common in boxers but can happen in any breed. However, this doesn't cause lethargy - just hair loss.

It doesn't sound like a coagulation problem to me. The only other things that can cause this type of hair loss are cushing's disease (but this would be very uncommon in a young dog) or a sertoli cell tumor but these only appear on testicles so this wouldn't be the case if he is neutered.

I would disagree with the statement that you need to change just sounds like you may need to have some extra tests done. The next step, if a full thyroid profile has been run is to have your vet do a skin biopsy. This should tell us what the source of the problem is.

Hope he feels better soon!
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