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Hello all! New to this site but I had a question.
I plan on getting a proper DNA test done at some point because I’m just super curious but what breed do you think my dog is?
Siberian Husky is obvious but there’s some things that are throwing me off and you can tell he’s mixed with something else. I’ve noticed:
1) His tail is not super long and not as fluffy as a pure Husky.
2) His ears are much shorter and “stubbier” than a normal huskies would be
3) He’s pretty fluffy but has a relatively short coat overall besides his neck and his back
4) In the right light he’s got very light brown in his coat and in the fur around his eyes, also speckling on the face
Curious to know peoples thoughts! Thanks! (PS The second pic was when I first got him so he looks a little dirty from the shelter. I just didn’t have a good recent pic of his tail.)
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