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Should I switch my dogs food?

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Hello, when my lab was a pup i naturally took her to the vet and we were discussing food options. I told the vet I was feeding her 4health grain free puppy forumla and she said thay was great but recommend that i switch her to 4healths Large breed forumla as we both assumed shes be a larger lab as she was a big pup. Buuut shes a year old and 55lbs. So im wondering if I should switch her from large breed to another forumla 4 health offers, or does it not matter?
The pucture is thenutritional facts about their large breed forumla.

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She falls into the large breed size of between 50 and 100 lb.'s.
oop's did you mean from large breed to regular or from puppy to regular?
I meant from large breed to regular.

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I would stay with the lg breed since she is over 50 lbs. The regular probably has to much mineral content for a large breed. This explains why you need to feed lg breed for puppies so I would think it applies to adult dogs also.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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