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Should I switch my dogs food?

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Hello, when my lab was a pup i naturally took her to the vet and we were discussing food options. I told the vet I was feeding her 4health grain free puppy forumla and she said thay was great but recommend that i switch her to 4healths Large breed forumla as we both assumed shes be a larger lab as she was a big pup. Buuut shes a year old and 55lbs. So im wondering if I should switch her from large breed to another forumla 4 health offers, or does it not matter?
The pucture is thenutritional facts about their large breed forumla.

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I know a lot of people feed their dog puppy food well after a year or two, so it seems like it's something more up to you. Vets usually cover nutrition very briefly as far as I know. You could try phasing some of the adult large breed food in and see how your dog does on it. If her stool softens and gets larger you may want to go back to the puppy food or try another brand, I'd say.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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