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I'm new to the forum but so glad I've found it. I really need help!

I'm so sorry this is so long but felt you need all the info ... thank you for reading it all!

I have an 11 mo. old male puppy (Gizzy) that was added to our family at 4 mo. old. He is so sweet and very intelligent. Head strong but obedient. Bought him from an individual with papers (not that that matters). She gave me all the vet info on his shots and said he still needed the second distemper shot. We took him to our vet and he gave him the shot and a second wormer. Five hours later he was vomiting severely and had very foul and very frequent diarrhea. Vet was called and he gave him cerenia (sp?) and said to give him boiled chicken, white rice, cottage cheese for the next 3 days and gradually start adding back his regular food (Iams puppy food, which was what he was eating when we got him). The second day of adding the food back he started the vomiting and diarrhea again but this time a slight blood tinge in the stool.

Took him to emergency vet for fear of parvo. Test was negative :). Was put on antibiotics, more cerenia (sp) and back on chicken diet. Took him back to the vet next day for follow-up. Put him on a grain free food. He did pretty well after that for a while but then about a month later did it again just out of the blue. Put him back on Cerenia and the chicken diet.

I have tried many (5 all together) different grain-free, minimal ingredient food but he gets disinterested in it and won't eat. Out of desperation I put him on Pedigree puppy canned food and he's eating it well however.... he did the severe vomiting/diahrrea thing about a month ago. Put him back on the meds and chicken diet. He's doing ok for now. But now he has the WORST gas...I mean seriously!!!

A new problem has risen and he's soooooo uncomfortable and I feel bad for him.

He is ITCHING so badly...:(

I've had him to the vet 3 times in the past 6 weeks...The vet put him on prednisone for dogs, with no improvement...I bathing him once a week with Sulfadene shampoo with no improvement. He's currently taking Benadryl 1-25mg. every 12 hours with no improvement, just makes him so sleepy. With the bathing, it's interfering with administering the Advantage Multi. I'm giving him a rinse off only bath every 5-7 days. The vet wants to put him on a script of antihistamine, Doxipene. First he wrote it for 6mg. Store said it doesn't come in tablets or that mg. So he wrote it for capsules and for 10mg. That raised a red flag! I haven't started giving it to him yet cause I'm just scared it's too strong for him. Is it? He weighs 15lbs.

The vet isn't sure if he's allergic to his food or if he has a flea bite allergy or if he has environmental allergies. I'm forever flea combing him to check for them. I've found a few but they are mostly dead.

Is there anyone out there that has a suggestion for helping my baby? I'd greatly appreciate it. He's just miserable and so are we!

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If he has flea's - that is why he's itching. Treat the flea's first.

When the flea's are gone, if he is still itching -THAT- is when it's time to keep a diary of his daily symptoms...
"Doggy Diary; Day 1. Patches is itchy today, he has ingested ___________ and been to _________ places. The grass was cut today."
"Day 2. Patches is showing signs of improvement, he has ingested _______ and been to ________ places."
"Day 14. Patches is itching up a storm again and vomiting profusely! He has ingested _________ and been to ________ places. The grass was cut today"

Then you go back and compare your notes... what symptoms occurred when what things were done. 'Oh hey, itchiness occurs when the grass is cut, okay, environmental allergies'

It's not as simple as I've made it sound, but it's a starting point and something you can bring with you to vet visits to show them abc is happening.

Also your vet isn't going to knowingly provide a prescription for something that could potentially harm your dog. Follow their advice.

I have a dog with multiple allergies - he's even allergic to benedryl. It's a time consuming, painfully slow process to discover what triggers what.

Start your guy on something that generally isn't known to be a huge allergen for dogs; Fish.

Get him onto a limited ingredient, fish based food. Read the ingredients and make a note of what is in that particular bag. If your dog needs encouragement to eat it - add a "topper" food, but also make a note of it.

Good luck!
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