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Sheltie is weird with dogs in house

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My sweet little boy is great when we aren't sharing the house with another dog. But he is getting older and we would really like to add a puppy to our family sometime in the future.

I think it's food aggression but it might be a blend of that and some thing else? Not sure...

My sheltie is shy around other dogs, but polite. That's when he's in public.

Get on his turf and he starts acting defensive.

But when I was staying with my mother her shih tzu got too close while he was waiting for his food and he pulled back his lip at her. Nothing more.

Day two he randomly quickly trotted up next to her while she was walking away. He grabbed her neck, and just kind of kept it there as she was also trotting away. He didn't hurt her or anything, there were no noises it was like he just wanted to hold her neck while she was walking which was really weird.

There was no food involved either. So i'm not sure if it's food aggression or what?

But day three my mom's friend comes over with her old dog, who is blind, and the poor guy was really ticking off my sheltie. He wasn't doing anything, he'd just get a little too close and my dog would pull his lip back. Sometimes it was at dinner time other times it was just in the living room.

I really don't know what to make of it, or what to do...

Also we used to have an older dog(she died last year) and he would just straight up attack her sometimes when waiting to be fed, but get along just fine in other situations.

Every time we tried to give her cuddles, he would run over and get in the way so that we would pet him instead. No aggression there, just forcing himself between me and her.

I have NO idea what to make of his behavior. Any advice, or thoughts?
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The blind dog couldn't see his warning signals, I suggest keeping them separated. The blind dog simply can't TELL when he's not happy to have the other dog nearby, and for both of their safety.. no more close interaction.

It sounds as if your dog has a bit of a resource guarding issue! Do not have other dogs nearby when it's food time, especially if the food is waiting in a dish to be put down. When in doubt, avoid the primary instigator, and you've repeated meal times a few times now!
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