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As some here know, my local shelter has their dogs on off leash romps almost every day in the back pastures and wild lands that run to the west and north of the shelter.

Our area is such that this can be done, but most shelters just don't have the land, or even the volunteers to walk the dogs sometimes. Here's a solution that seems to be getting noticed.

Hawaiian animal shelter on Kauai lets visitors take dogs on a daytime adventure

Interesting side note:

That Hailey, Idaho (Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley are all within a few miles of each other...and kind of interchangeable when 'locals' talk about that area, I think the shelter calls itself The Wood Valley Shelter. Anyway, in the article they call it the Ketchum animal shelter and it is where I adopted my cat Kayla, ten years ago. I had to put her to sleep last Tuesday due to bone cancer.

I don't think it was mentioned in the article... I kind of read it fast, but I wonder if shelters wanting a program like that, should ask hotels if they could put flyer inserts into those guest books that have information about eateries and local sites. There they could get word out to travelers in need of a doggy fix to stop by and take a walk with a dog. It could drum up some business and ease the load the regular volunteers have in getting those dogs out and walked. It might even result in some adoptions getting lined up for some of the dogs.

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