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See the attached picture. My dog is a ~90lb German Shepherd mix, and I think he's mixed with Golden Retriever.

His shedding makes it unpleasant for others to ride in my car. I also have an SUV with light interior that should work well, but I'm going to move to Florida and I don't want to take that vehicle with me... It's not even comfortable; I hate the thing.

Vacuuming every time he goes for a ride is not a reasonable option; I don't have that much time to spare. The last time I cleaned my car, it took an hour and a half.

I could keep this SUV, even though I don't want to. Or I might get a Durango and a trunk liner, which would make it easy to clean.

What else can I do? Would light-colored seat covers and occasionally using a duster on the dash keep my Challenger (car in pic) from looking like a trash bin? Is this a good option? What other options do I have?


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