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She hates me leaving and I hate leaving her - New mama would like some advise

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Hey everyone,

So I am on week 1 of owning our new addition - nearly 9 week old Sienna, a French Bulldog.

We have decided to let her have free run of the kitchen space - we have a baby gate up, her crate open, puppy pads laid out and lots of treats and toys, radio on to keep her company.

However, she is a very very noisy pup and she screams the place down when I leave, my neighbours must think I torture her!! This makes me really really upset and I am finding it difficult to leave, when I know she must learn to play by herself sometimes.

I've been doing it gradually over the last week - An hour here, an hour there, but I go back to work next week and it means she is going to have to spend the mornings in the kitchen before I return from work for my lunch.

Do you think we would be better putting her in the crate and shutting the door when we go out (we do this at night time) instead of letting her have free run of the kitchen? Maybe it feels unsettling for her. So confused as to what is best for her.

I worry I am baby-ing her too much and she is becoming needy, it just breaks my heart to hear those cries :-(

Please help!

Many thanks
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If you have the crate in the kitchen area, she's likely just to go in there to feel secure... If you leave the door open, she can go out in the kitchen to potty on the paper...

When you leave, don't look at her, don't touch her, don't speak to her... just go... I know... it's heart breaking, but it's best for you both...

My poodle, Storm, was looking at me today, when I had to take a quick trip to my daughters... I made the mistake of saying: 'No, you can't come'... and he ran straight out the door... He only understood the word 'come'... We both walked back inside... I gave him a toy, and then left again with no problems...
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