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This thread is not about dogs, it is about their people (so it can be moved if it is not the appropriate forum).
My town is a muddy mess. Parts of Houston and outlying cities and towns(where I am) have had flooding and rain for a while.
The dogs go out, and come in with a little mud even if I wipe them off a little.
So today, the while living room slipcovers came off and the nice chocolate brown suede ones went on. I like the white ones more, but I don't want to stress about them accidentally brushing by and leaving mud on the white covers (yes, I know, it is still there on the chocolate covers but I don't obsess as much)
Part of having a happy life with a dog is knowing when to make little changes to make life easier; for you, for them.
What do you do to set yourself up for successful relationships with your dogs?
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