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I'm really sad, because my golden retriever of 14 years old, having already had a few osteoarthritis crisis for 3/4 years, and always going out of trouble, has therefore, for 2 weeks, a very serious crisis, but this time with the front legs (especially the "wrists" I think, saw his licks on).

Very problematic place because very difficult to move having pain in the front legs.

I know he's old, that's normal, but he still has energy to spare, that's what makes me sad (he could move normally without this crisis, despite his age)

I have been living in Canada for a year and a half with him (originally from France, so sorry for the english a bit broken)

I give him pain killler prescribed by the vet, namely tramadol 50mg 2x a day.

He takes several complements:

. Aventi Joints

. Glucosamine tablet,

. And CBD (cannabis, to soothe the pain)

. Heating compresses

But nothing works, quite the contrary.

It hurts me because he always has the energy.

I was told about hydrotherapy in water, acupuncture, laser, but it is far beyond my budget, since the price here in vancouver is 4x than in France.


If you have any ideas or advice, please do not hesitate !!!

Yours truly


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A friend had a retriever that had severe arthritis in her hips, and laser treatments did help. There are not that many Vets that have the equipment, but there are some in this area, don't know about Vancouver, but I would guess it would be available there. As far as cost, I don't know what the cost is, but it would be worth talking to a Vet that offered it, to see if you could work something out.
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