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My dog came from a rescue, he was flown here. It was a 30 hour flight. He came from a house with eight other dogs.

Buddy started in another foster home here in the US for about five days. He escaped his carrier/crate and had to be zip tied in.

The rescue supplied calming treats and benedryl which didnt seem to calm him.

When the foster mom brought up him barking too much in the crate the rescue supplied a bark shock collar which he barked thru the first night so they let him sleep with the daughter.

He came to live with us and I refused the bark collar. I gave him access to the house when we left and he chewed up a plastic bag and our front door knob.

So I tried confining him to a room and he chewed through the door. So for his safety we tried the carrier but he pulled the door in and escaped that and I noticed he had some chipped teeth so now we dont leave him alone.

At this point I had tried the treats and pills supplied by the rescue, CBD oil (King kanine brand), Bach rescue remedy, lavender essential oils and calming music/white noise.

While I could get him to remain babygated into a bedroom by himself for up to ten minutes he was on high alert and staring at the door waiting for my return.

We also tried kongs, dog bones, a lickie mat but he is super picky and mostly not food driven. He prefers only table foods and getting him to eat what I WANT him to eat is a whole diffrent battle.

I requested the rescue put him on medication after the trainer they sent over agreed it would be best for him as well as supplying me with a few training tips. They refused.

I asked for a check up to make sure the vets before didnt miss anything. They refused.

SO....After adopting him I brought him to the vet and he was cleared medically and they prescribed him Prozac 15mg a day which we are three days into.

So far I havent seen any change in his behavior but it could be weeks before I do.

My question is, how do I train a dog with seperation anxiety if they have no drive in food or toys. He refuses most dog treats I give him and likes only meat and cheese.

He showed interest in a treat ball stuffed with chicken but wouldnt play with it a second time.

Most training things recommend leaving them with a treat/something fun to do while your gone once you reach where we are training wise and I've got nothing.

Even the lickie pad he gets what's imediantly available and moves on. My cat licks it far long then he does lol.

He is a very anxious and meek dog so "corrections" dont make sense for him in other areas. I'm guessing it's the ChowChow in him but even the tricks I have taught him he often doesnt comply right away.

His taste in food fluxes as the days go by some days he eats certain things others he doesnt but straight human grade Meats and cheeses seem to work everytime.


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Anxiety- and especially panic- suppresses appetite and will lower interest in even the most food-motivated dog.

I would say that the first step here involves getting him on an anxiety medication that lowers his anxiety enough that he can display some interest in food.

For a dog that isn't so much of a foodie, I would try replacing their mealtimes with fod puzzle toys as a first step.

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Three days into Prozac isn't long enough to know if it will help or not. CBD oil is newly legalized. Some of what you see on the internet is a scam and some of what your own doctor might recommend could be much safer and more effective than pharmeceutical anti-anxiety meds.

I don't know anything about King Kanine brand.

Buddy is dealing with severe trauma that would be called CPTSD in a human. I agree with Moonstream that you made the right call. Hopefully there will be better meds for him in the future and a compassionate vet to help you taper off the Prozac when he is ready.

Buddy has been through so much but he has such kind and trusting eyes. I'm glad he found you and that you so very obviously deserve him.

Best of luck for a long and happy life together.

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Stress and stress stacking can make a dog lose their appetite

Wow! What a story!

I am so incredibly sorry that your new dog had to go through all this
. So much stress for this dog. My heart breaks thinking about it all, but I am so glad that he is safe with you now and obviously you are going to make his life so much better.

I agree with @ Laurelsmom regarding your dog being similar to a human with PTSD.
Dogs certainly can be traumatized by stressful events.

And I agree with @Moonstream about dogs not wanting to eat or having poor/picky appetites when feeling stress or trauma. Just like with humans. When I am over stressed or worried I certainly have no appetite. And I loooove to eat normally.

Many times it is very common to see a high stress dog only eat "high value" foods. My Gracie will only eat super high value foods when it begins to thunder. She generally will not even be able to chew at first, but will lick at wet food, for example. Similarly a very shy dog may not come over to us to say hi, but up the ante with a super high value piece of yummy smelling chicken and this dog may just muster up the courage to come over for the chicken. Has to be worth the stress/effort of letting their guard down, sorta kinda.

Sounds like your dog has had continued very high stress. I call that stress stacking. I have written about it here on this forum and elsewhere. That can wreak havoc with a dog. Or human!

How long has Buddy been with you at this point?
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