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My boyfriend had an husky before we met. He was well behaved and never showed any signs of anxiety, he was rather calm (for a husky). Then 2 years ago we decided to get him a friend, another husky from a shelter. Big mistake. Don't get me wrong, I love him but his anxiety is just out of control and soon enough the other one started being anxious too when we leave.

The younger one shows:
-Excessif needs for attention (from anyone; if not us, it's the dog, then the cat)
-If the lights are off and we're watching a movie, he just can't relax, he pace around and whines if he doesn't get our attention he's gonna come in front of us and he keep looking to see if we gonna make eye contact with him.
-I'll tell him to go sleep, he will and then he's back up 1min after (this can go on 20minutes, me saying go to sleep and him getting up and pacing around). I try not to get into that game because it gives him attention but his pacing around just exhaust me.
-He follow my boyfriend every single step (or he will follow the other dog)
-Used to whine when my boyfriend would go to the bathroom (he's better now because I keep telling him to go in his bed whenever he gets up to follow us)
-Will whine and won't pee if I put him outside and the other dog is inside. Will just sit outside, at the door and whine.
-Whine every single morning and not at the same hours. I feel like I have a child it's been two years of that, we tried ignoring him but he can easily whine for an hour. If we get up tell him to go sleep, he will, but then as soon as we're back in our room he starts again. It's like he needs to see us constantly.

These are just a few exemples.

Our older dog doesn't do that, he is able to just sleep and relax without any problem. However, he caught up the other one bad habits and now they both howl very loud when we leave. I did a some techniques like no biggie when we leave, no big hello when we arrive. But they're controlling the house, my boyfriend get up of the couch to grab the remote, immediately they jump and beg for a walk even if they went for an hour walk just a few minutes before. Problem is that half the time it works, because he'll get up and go for a walk with them. (They don't do that when i'm the only one who is home).

They're spoiled by my boyfriend who let them do whatever and doesn't see any problems in their behaviour because "they're just dog, they just love us a lot". So of course, when he leave they get anxious. Am I crazy or is it normal behaviour or not ? How can I make him realize that ? Any tips on what to do with the dogs ?

*The younger one is in a crate at night and when we're not there. I don't trust him he chew when he's anxious.
The older one is free and doesn't chew on anything, however since he's now howling too maybe I should try to crate him ? He used to be crated before we got the younger dog but I thought he was old enough to go without a crate.
They both get kongs and treats when we leave and we remove the toys once we get home "so they get more excited" for the toys when we leave.
They do get a lot of exercise (45min walk in morning, 45min walk before bed, and in between we either take them out 2-3 times during the day or go at the dog park)
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