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My girlfriend and I have a ~4 month old dachshund puppy (Jovi) that suffers from some serious separation anxiety when we leave her home alone.

Jovi goes to work with my girlfriend Mon-Thurs so on Fridays and weekends we try leaving her at home in her crate for a couple hours at a time. She sleeps in her crate when at work and overnight and is perfectly fine in the crate.

When we are about to leave and put Jovi in her crate she is always calm.
But When we come home Jovi is frantically barking/whining/howling. We drape a blanket over her crate to make it more den-like and Jovi tries pulling the blanket into the crate through the gaps. She drools so much during this anxiety attacks that we first thought she was peeing in her crate. (Side note: she does salivate a lot, she likes to suckle on stuffed animals/blankets).

Any ideas on how we can start getting Jovi used to being home alone in her crate?
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