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Separation Anxiety…. of owner!

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some advice/support about the guilt I feel leaving my newly adopted 3 year old foxhound home alone. I adopted him on Saturday, and had to leave him alone for three hours yesterday and felt sooooo guilty about it! He was perfectly fine when my partner came home; he didn't mess in the house, and didn't chew anything at all.

I know I should be encouraging a healthy independence, but I'm such a wet noodle when it comes to training. I'm working on having a firmer hand with him. We start obedience classes tonight.

This is a bit of a separate issue, but part of the reason I am so submissive toward him (bad for the dog, I know!) is because I was attacked by a large dog a few years ago. To be honest, I'm still very intimidated by dogs, despite my love for them, and when Copper growled at me when I did something he didn't like the other day, I felt too scared to correct his behaviour.

I'm willing to work through my fears to develop a healthy and loving relationship with Copper, but it's tough! Anyone else out there with a similar experience?
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My husband is like that, and it's a pain. I have no idea how you could get over it, we've had our dog for 5 months now and my husband still stresses about leaving him alone..

As for the growling, you HAVE to get your attitude sorted out before you break your dog. If he has the predisposition, he will get aggressive in future if you let him get away with it now. If you can't do it on your own, get professional help.
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