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In the rescue to which I belong, it is common practice to remove the momma's from the pups at approx. 6 weeks though it has been done sooner. This while these momma's are still heavy with milk. I've taken issue with this and been told that
"Clearly you know nothing about puppies or animal behavior" by the woman behind these decisions.

I'm glad you're attempting to educate the rescue you are associated with. Many people who run rescues and shelters are very resistant to any advice that conflicts with their long held beliefs. Also there is often a desire to quickly get puppies adopted out. I can understand that mindset but unfortunately puppies that don't stay with their dams and littermates miss out on the vital learning that takes place within the litter.

I would refer the woman to as many science based studies as you can locate. This is a start on your research. Puppy Personality Development | Dog Star Daily

This may not change her mind but it might get her to thinking. The saying that's going around among dog training circles is relevant here. Just because you've owned dogs all your life, doesn't make you an expert on dog behavior any more than having a vagina all your life makes you a gynecologist.

Good luck. The less confrontational and critical you are when presenting information, the more likely it is to be received and considered. Also you might consider the Ben Franklin effect. Do something especially nice for this woman and she'll be more likely to have a positive perception of you as a person.
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