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My senior dog is ill. We have taken the steps to get her care, but are being told they are unsure what the cause it. At first, they thought it was heart failure, but it has progressed without having the signs of heart failure, so this diagnosis was thrown out. They have chalked it up to possible gastro issues and have no other suggestions other than steroid and nausea medicine. She had a chest xray that did not show anything. I am going to list the symptoms. She has a few growths that were negative for cancer when aspirated, but she is too old to be put under for a full biopsy. Her white blood cell count is normal.

My hope is that someone might have an idea of what is going on so that I can use some natural options to help ease her through this because from what two different veterinarians have said seems like there is not much for us to do.

She is a 13 year old, Olde Enlighsh Bulldogge, with a slightly enlarged heart (I was told this was typical for her age).
I have cooked and blended her food for 4 months now.
-Doesn't breathe as well as she used to. Vet said it is not the sound you make from heart issues.
-If she eats a normal amount she gets sick and vomits. She needs more calories.
-When she has an "episode" the wheezing turns into severe wheezing (the vet says it sounds more like her esophagus). Exertion will kick these in but they can happen in her sleep sometimes.
-Once this happens she vomits many times until she tires out.
-She will lie down and her gums are usually pale to purple by this point.
-Bad episodes she will urinate by this point.
-30 minutes later she is up and ready to eat and drink water again like nothing happened.

Her blood work shows
-Kidney function is good
-Pancreas is healthy but slightly elevated PSL (but supposedly typical for her age)
-Electrolytes are good (very surprising since she has vomited so much)
-White blood cell count is good

Any ideas would be helpful so I can try to calm down whatever is going on because at this point I am told we just need to ride this out and put her down when it is time without knowing what is going on.

I know there might not be any help, but I wanted to at least try.

Thank you in advance!!!
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