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Hi, I just made an account here because I was hoping to talk with someone who might have went through the same with their dog or just in general have some new tips when it comes to adressing this behavior.

I am the owner of a 1 year old mix between Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, who's in all ways an amazing dog, however I feel like I haven't been able to work properly with her on this.

So, the "problem" is that she feel a great amount of anxiety when it comes to greeting other dogs.
A typical scenario would be that we are walking, she sees another dog and immediately either sits or lies down, refusing to move for some time - when at some point the dog gets closer to her and she does start to move, she crawls (looks a lot like when hunting, that of course is not what it is), till they are up front with each other; she will stand very still (slow movements) as they sniff each other, sometimes attempt to lick the other dogs mouth. When she does eventually feel comfortable with the other dog she will get very playful.
She doesn't get agressive outbursts, but often her nervousness reflects on the other dog, making the other dog feel nervous, and because of that the other dog might act with aggression towards her.

Another thing which stems from her anxiety is her obsession with greeting everyone. Most times when I meet another nervous dog, it will react by stepping back, shaking, try to escape the situation - my dog reacts in the exact opposite way; when she sees another dog she completely loses attention in everything else, she forget she's in a leash, she doesn't hear anything, she is completely uninterested in treats, if I stand in front of her she will look around me as were I an annoying fly sitting on her nose. If close to the dog she will pull and jump and "scream".

As a puppy I made sure she would meet tons of nice dogs every single day, we still try to meet as many dogs as possible.
I exercise her a lot, although mostly in leash as she has an extreme pray drive as well as the fact that it isn't all dogs which she can just run up to (which she would do). I do let her off the leash to play with other dogs under safe circomstances.

I got her when she was 8 weeks old, and since the very first encounter I experienced between her and another dog she was anxious. A Husky once ran over to her, very playeful and sweet, hardly touched her, and she screamed as if she had been attacked.
She doesn't feel anxiety related to any other things, she's great with fireworks, cars, she could lie down to sleep just anywhere, and adapts very quickly to new envirements.
Her temper is impatient, playful, dominant, friendly, stubborn, and very soft. By 'very soft' I mean sensitive, although she's stubborn she would take it very much to heart if someone was yelling for instance.

Some more information:

I do suffer from anxiety, and have done so in different aspects since I was a child. While this isn't something which other people typically sense, I am sure that dogs does, which I am of course aware does not make me the best candidate in this case - I am very determaned on helping her with this though.

I did adress this to the breeders from whom I got her, and they didn't mention that any unfortunate situations should have happened before I got her.

I sense that she doesn't read other dogs very well, but again I am sure that this stems from the anxiety she feels about them.

I always losen the leash during greetings, and I never pull back.


Ok, so I apologize for the long post, but I felt that I should include as much information as possible in order to hopefully get a good reply.
This is not something that is ruining her life or our walks together of course, but I really wish to lessen her anxiety in this aspect, and for her to feel confident and calm, especially since she otherwise is such a social and friendly dog. :huddle:

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Hello! Welcome to the forum!

I'm not exactly sure what to say in response to this particular situation, however I posted a while back about my dog who is a reactive dog and lunges and barks kind of like how you described your dog does sometimes. Forgetting about everything else and becomes unresponsive.

Rain posted these links for me in that thread, which I found very helpful. You might find it helpful too. I do the "Keep going" game with my Molly, she loves it. I'm sure others will soon chime in for more helpful suggestions and thoughts.

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