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seeking help and advise on dog with blood parasite

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let me introduce myself first. I am not from Canada but i hope to seek for advise.

my sibling recently had a dog but he was infected with blood parasite and he is staying at a town with a vet that has very little medicine or little knowledge about it. The vet said the puppy only had 30% of survival rate and blood transfusion is impossible since he is too weak. He is currently on drip only with not much medicine. I hope i can get some information so i can buy the necessary medicine and fly over to give the dog the medicine.

Right now i am still asking my sibling for what kind of test the dog went through and what medicine has it taken.

Meanwhile any advise?

I am really worried for this young puppy.

Thank you people for reading this. i hope someone with good dog medicine background can help me with it.
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I'm sorry to hear this happened to your siblings dog.
Blood parasite is a bit of a vague term. It could mean ticks, leaches, fleas ect (external). Or it could mean a internal parasite which is different. Do you hapen to know what it is your siblings dog has? If it is a internal parasite I don't think you can personally go out and by it. There are many different kinds of parasites which means there will be variations in what is needed to treat them (internally speaking) and I don't think you can get something like a antiparacitic drug or what ever else they need to treat over the counter (I could be wrong though). The vet is the one that's going to know the correct medical cocktail for treatment and what treatment the dog needs.
I'm not sure were your sibling is located, but is it possible to find a emergency vet/ vet hospital that is more eqiped for dealing with this?

Thank you for your reply. i only found out this morning she had canine distemper virus. i begin to read about it. then i realised there is no cure for it. so what will happened to the dog? will she survive or she need some surgery? currently she is on 2nd stage of cdv.
That sucks, I'm sorry to hear that.
Its really imposible to say what will happen. It depends on the indivual dog, virus varation, symptoms, some other factors and probably a good helping of luck. Distemper is a virus so as far as I know there's no surgery involved in treatment. The vet will know what the best coarse of treatment is for the dog. Fingers crossed your siblings dog pulls through.
This might be helpful to read if you haven't already Distemper in Dogs | petMD
thank you for your kind information. somehow i read that that newcastle vaccine may help in the later stages? btw any meal or vitamin should she be taking? like many meal small portions. which kind of vitamin. cleaning her to prevent any germs get to her.
i find this website somehow good. should i try introduce some of the food to her diet? Natural Treatment and Prevention of Canine Distemper Virus | All Natural Pet Care Blog
Your welcome.
Ive never heard of the new castle vaccine, but I'm also not super knoladgable about distemper.
Is the dog home right now or still at the vets? Right now I would trust the vet to try and get the dog to the point were the dog can go home. The vet should tell you then what needs to be done as after care.
Right now I wouldn't try adding anything to the dogs diet, her/his system is already in over drive trying to fend off the virus.
Again if the dog is at the vets, the vet is the only one who can admister medication and treatment. Even the link you posted says to work closely with a veterinarian. As hard as it is, I think at this point you just have to trust the vet knows what there doing. And talk to the vet to see if after the dog pulls through (fingers crossed), if the dog can still get the distemper vaccination.
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I am only aware of a New Castles vaccine for birds, and not sure how effective it is even for them. Never heard of it being used on dogs for any reason, but pretty sure it would be useless, if not dangerous for an active case of distemper. Distemper is a pretty serious disease in dogs, and if untreated, is usually fatal. Treatment is only symptomatic, but one of the primary results of Distemper are immunosuppression, so keeping the dog on antibiotics will sometimes help them survive the virus, as they basically 'cure themselves' over time. I have had a lot of dogs survive distemper infections, though I certainly have had even more not make it (age plays a role... younger dogs do more poorly in general). There are no other treatments other that keeping them well hydrated, encouraging them to eat, and protect them from infections. If they do not develop neurologic symptoms in a month, then their prognosis improves. Some dogs will still develop neurologic symptoms (usually twitches or uncontrollable ticks) and still survive, but most will not. Checking for the presence of fever is useful in terms of making up a prognosis (disappearance of a fever is usually a good sign).

How did this happen? Did not get vaccines as a puppy? This disease is far rarer than it used to be thanks to vaccines... but vaccinating your puppy now for distemper (if he truly has distemper- how was it diagnosed??) is not going to help or do anything. BUT most vaccines for distemper also protect against parvo, which you would definitely NOT want to have infect you dog as well... so as soon as your pet is over its distemper (should it survive) definitely get him parvo vaccines (at least several) cause few puppies ever survive both virus infections.
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thank you guys for the information.

bad news she has pneumonia now. good thing she doesn't vomit. but she has no strength to chew. so had to force feed her. hope all goes well. have to see for next 5 to 6 days.
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