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Depending on whether anyone from the UK signs up, but I'm happy to pay for shipping :)

Shipping address:
1 Wilson Drive

Things I'd like: anything fun dog related for Buster, a cute collar or a fleece tuggy. Any colour really but he looks good in blue and orange :)

Anything that your secret Santa shouldn't send: Treats with grains in them.

Dogs size: neck 14 inches, he's pretty skinny so medium dog stuff is too big probably best to leave any jackets/harnesses incase it doesn't fit.

Any food sensitivities: nope!

If I've done any of this wrong Admin I do apologise!
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Hi @BusterBCsMum! You will be sending a gift to spotsonofbun.
You will find her info below. If you have any questions feel free to post them here in this thread. A mod will ask for you to keep it a secret. :)

Hildur Kristjana Onnudottir

Audbrekka 24

Well I have a male toy breed, He can be picky about foods but usually likes anything smelly. He has some teeth issues so not much of a chewer so would probably enjoy treats over chews of some kind. He loves squeaky and soft toys. For clothes he is roughly 30cm tall at the shoulder, around 33cm around the chest. He likes hair-bows, well I like hair bows but they don't bother him
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