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I wanted to know if it is possible to train a goldendoodle for schutzhund. Let me know your thoughts.
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It would be difficult. The dogs that perform best in Schutzhund are dogs that have been bred specifically for working drive.
A goldendoodle is a mongrel, so temperament is unpredictable. However, almost all doodle mixes (lab, golden, whatever) tend to have very docile personalities which makes them such great service dogs.
Where I train, almost all dogs are either Belgian Malinois or German Shepherds. We've had a couple of Rotties, Pitt Bull like dogs, and the smallest I have seen certified was a corgi. Never have I seen any type of Golden Retriever, lab ect.
Chances are better if the dog has been taught from puppyhood to bite the sleeve. That is how pretty much how all successful Schutzhund are trained.
I am sure a doodle would perform very well in the obedience parts of Schutzhund. You should have no trouble doing the BH with him. Maybe consider rally obedience or some other dog sport that doesn't require bite drive.
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My dogs and I do agility because my dogs enjoy it. I would not participate in a sport that was not enjoyed by my dogs. My youngest dog does not enjoy agility so much so we are pursuing rally. She does not have the temperment for agility and that is ok with me. your Beaceron may not be a common breed to Schutzhund however they are a breed with prey drive. Goldendoodles drive is to love all people which would not go well in the French ring.
If the doodle has the drive then he will love the sport. Not all dogs are alike, even if they are the same breed.
We've had corgis at our club being titled and those little rascals love it.
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