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I joined this forum today because I saw some pics of a dog with this issue and went OMG, that's exactly what my dog went through! After the third thread I found on similar topics I decided to start my own thread, so hopefully this helps some people (and dogs) who are going through what my dog and I did.

My dog had psoriasis like scabs on his back, sides and belly every spring and summer. they seemed to grow under the fur and would peel off, or be scratched off, taking hair and skin with them and leaving behind raw patches or even bloody spots if he scratched too hard. These spots were very itchy. The hair would have difficulty growing back and even now he has very sparse hair on his back and sides.

After four years, several different vets, and more money than I want to think about with no answer in sight, I stumbled across the answer on someone's dog blog and I couldn't believe that neither I nor any of the vets I had taken him to had caught on. My dog was having a bad reaction to his topical flea medicine. Once I saw that it all made perfect sense. He had these skin problems in the spring and summer (when I used the medicine on him). The scabs and sores were mostly down his back (where I put the medicine).

I immediately discontinued use of that particular medicine on him and his skin cleared up, even the occasional seizures (who knew THAT could be related) he had since he was a pup stopped. I tried to find a different flea medicine, making sure the one I chose had a different active ingredient so as not to cause the same problems. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally found a medicine that caused no skin reaction whatsoever for my dog. Five years later he is still flea free, scab free, and even seizure free.

I sincerely hope this information helps some of you whose dogs are suffering, and if it does please pass it on.
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