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I decided instead of making multipull threads about food I would just condense everything into one thread. That way I also don't have to go searching for anything. Im starting to get slightly frustrated because I still haven't found something that works for him. Right now im in the midst of switching him from Taste Of The Wild Wetlands to Halo Spots Stew Hearty Surf N Turf (right now im at 1 cup HSS to 1/3 TOTW. I thought it was going well and his poop was getting better but now all the sudden its back to mushy and not well formed. Sigh, im wondering if its worth it to a fecal test to see if something else is the cause.
What I know he cant eat:
Lamb (most likely)
Dairy (I don't know if this makes a difference in food, but he can only have a small amount of dairy otherwise he gets diahrea/loose poop)

What he possibly cant eat:
Rabbit? (he gets rabbit zukes so maybe he cant eat rabbit?)

Foods ive tried:
Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast
Zignature Trout And Salmon
4health chicken
Canidae duck or salmon I cant remember which
Taste Of The Wild (almost all of the different meats (I was seeing what flavor he liked best, this was before I got better at reading labels to avoid chicken), but most of them have chicken or lamb meal so he cant eat them)

Foods Im Considering:
Dr. Tims
Earthborn (I cant remember how he did on it, I think I switched off it because it was a little expensive so it might be worth it to try it again)

Any other suggestions of food to try?

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If you want to know if it's a food issue, then you're going to have to do a food trial for 8-12 weeks. Basically you choose a protein and feed only that and treats that match. GO! or Acana single proteins are a good choice. Or you could do a trial with Natural Balance LIDs. I also like Annamaet if you can find it.

Also look into finding a food without the inclusions of the foods you've tried. For instance, I never knew what Tessa was having an issue with until I tried foods with and then without flax.
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I've never had huge allergy issues with a dog so I know nothing about how to properly trial them on food with that in mind, but I know you mentioned Dr. Tim's was a little pricey for you maybe, and it's at the top of my current price range so I have researched "budget" dog foods.

Some brands you might try:

Diamond (I know, recalls... but ToTW is Diamond-manufactured too and for the price they have some great stuff.)
Aaaand worth mentioning that I hear some dogs do really well on Purina ProPlan.

NutriSource in particular was recommended to me to help with digestive issues and if I hadn't switched to Dr. Tim's I would have switched to it.

I think both Victor and NutriSource have seafood formulas, at any rate.

Also, the person that built this site considers it unfinished I believe/they have more data they want to add, but it still might be useful to you in narrowing down brands and formulas: Dog Food Wizard
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From everything I've read and everything I've been told, the most limited ingredient dog food on the market is Natural Balance. Single protein, simple carb sources and vitamins and minerals. They have a variety of protein choices that you can try.

That's where I would start in trying to find a solution to your pup's digestive issues. You could also try adding a digestive enzyme to his food, that could help as well.
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