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Salty Paws

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This is my first winter in NYC. In Texas I didn't have to worry about salt on the sidewalks and my dogs paws. I usually put some dog boots (something similar to mutt luks) Today after the big storm I took my dog out to play in the snow at the park because he absolutely loves it. I did not put his boots on him. When we got home I proceeded to wash him off in the bath tub and I noticed his paws were very irritated and pink, there was a tiny amount of blood too but I could not find where it was coming from.
His paws look better now. I notice that most people here do not put boots on their dogs, is my dog just particularly sensitive? I have now figured out that during the days when the sidewalks are being heavily salted, he NEEDS paw protection. Some people use paw wax, and other use boots. What is the best option? The boots he has are almost worn out, they claim that they were waterproof but that isnt the case and the fall off frequently during a walk. If boots is the way to go in paw protection, can someone reccommend a good brand that is actually waterproof and will last longer than 3 walks? I am willing to spend a good amount of money on some good quality long lasting boots.
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I've used Mutt Lucks. They have done very well and are very durable. You might want to look into the boots that the dog mushers use. Im sure you can find a mushers supply place online. I would imagine that the boots they use are durable as well as can hold up to running and he like.
It might be worth it to try the paw wax and see how it works for you. If you do, please let us know what you thought about it!
Well I used to paw wax on our walk today and I do not think it worked well. We were out for awhile and I inspected his paws when we got home and while there were no pinkess or puffiness as the were before, he has a pretty good sore on one of his pads that he did not have before. :dog-frown: He seems a little sore on his feet now that its been a little bit since the walk. I think what I am going to do is use to paw wax and the boots simultaneously to calm my overprotective mothering paranoia about his poor paws :eyeroll:.
GeorgieGirl. are your Mutt Luks waterproof? Mine advertised that they were but when I take them off his feet are soaking wet (from the snow).
Mine were not. I wasn't so much worried about having to dry the paws though. I used them more for mud control. I could just take the boots off at the door and I didn't have to wipe and mini wash 12 feet!
I got a catalog from Smart Pak Canine yesterday and they had some really cool new boots is it. Here is the link if you want to check them out. One has gripy soles. I don't think these are waterproof though. I wonder if ScotchGuard would work?

Hope this helps!
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